Which hotel should you choose: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel or Disney Ambassador Hotel?

Some of you have asked me which Tokyo Disney Resort hotel you should choose, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel or Disney Ambassador Hotel. The choice ultimately depends on what you think is more important to you, as both hotels have their unique benefits. We have left out Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta in this comparison, as we have not personally stayed there.

Why You Would Prefer Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

First and foremost, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is the closest hotel to Tokyo Disneyland. If fact, it is located right in front of the entrance gates of Tokyo Disneyland.

The greatest benefit of staying in one of the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels is entering Disneyland and DisneySea up to 15 minutes earlier than non-hotel guests, due to the Happy 15 Entry privilege given to Disney Resort hotel guests. During the peak periods, long queues form outside of the two Disney parks before the entrance gates open. By entering the two Disney parks earlier than the rest, you will have saved 1-2 hrs of queueing time or more during peak periods, such as Christmas festive season when we were there.

The more days you spend in Disneyland, the greater the benefit of staying in Disneyland Hotel. This is especially so during the peak periods. If your kids tend to wake up late like ours, you will have to rush to Disneyland before the entrance gates officially open. If not, you will go inside Disneyland later than the non-hotel guests, wasting the Happy 15 Entry privilege.

If you stay in Disney Ambassador Hotel, the easiest way to get to Disneyland is to use the complimentary shuttle bus, i.e. Disney Resort Cruiser. However, this takes more time than walking from Disneyland Hotel. Just imagine if your kids already wake up late, and you still have to take a shuttle bus to Disneyland, you run a greater risk of not reaching Disneyland in time, i.e. before the entrance gates officially open.

Furthermore, during the peak period, the shuttle bus can become so packed that you may not be able to take the shuttle bus at the timing you want, and end up waiting for the next shuttle bus. Again, this delay will cause you to reach Disneyland later than you would have liked, possibly wasting the Happy 15 Entry privilege.

If your child needs to take a nap in the hotel and then go back to Tokyo Disneyland after the nap, you will appreciate the ease and quickness of being able to get back to Disneyland Hotel from Tokyo Disneyland. Just imagine how much more convenient it will be by just pushing the stroller from Tokyo Disneyland to Disneyland Hotel, than having to take the shuttle bus or monorail. This is all the more so if your child has fallen asleep in the stroller or is getting tired and grouchy.

Last but not least, Disneyland Hotel looks grander and newer than Disney Ambassador Hotel.