We are a young family of four. In 2016, Cayden is 7, while Julia is 5. We like travelling with our kids, exposing them to the world outside, and seeing their little minds get curious about other places and cultures.

Before each trip, we do extensive research on the web or send out emails to hotels, travel agencies etc. We are sure other parents do that as well, especially those with young kids. It can be time consuming going through the web finding out more about places to go, where to stay, what to eat or how to get there.

In Our Travel Story, we share our travel experience, including practical tips on how to run your trips more smoothly or make your trips more enjoyable. While these tips are particularly suited to families with young kids, other travellers will find them useful as well.

The thought of travelling with young kids may seem daunting to some parents. Through Our Travel Story, we hope to show that with some planning, it is actually not difficult to travel around with young kids.