What an eventful ski trip we had in Falls Creek! We weathered a snow storm for a few days, with ski lift wind hold for 1.5 days and even power outage for a few hours. Julia was also trapped for a few hours in her ski school up in the mountain, and had to come down in a snowcat. After the snow storm, we had great skiing in good snow conditions and blue bird days. Just when we thought we could have a grand finale by skiing down the last ski slope together, the Fast Hoot ski slope was too fast and uneven for the tired legs of Amanda and Jiali. They both fell a couple of times and had to walk down the last stretch of the ski slope. Besides skiing in Falls Creek, we also visited the Kryal Castle and the Yarra Valley… Find out more about our trip in Melbourne


Cayden and Julia had a smashing time in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea! They excitedly took photos with and even got hugs and kisses from well-liked Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Stitch. They also had such a good time with the rides such as Toy Story Mania and Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek, that we had to take these rides more than once… Find out more about our trip in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, including a video of the Happiness Is Here parade


The kids enjoyed feeding the deer in Nara Park so much that I had to buy several packets of deer biscuits for them! They also loved petting baby sharks and stingrays in Osaka Aquarium, so much so that they got their sleeves soaking wet without knowing it. Last but not least, the Wizarding World of Harry Porter in Universal Studios Japan was quite special….  Find out more about our trip in Osaka or Find out more about our trip in Nara, including a video of the kids feeding the deer


There is so much more about Bali than just beaches! Relaxing among beautiful rice fields, having fun planting rice in the mud, watching exquisite Balinese dance, be mesmerised by Kecak and Fire dance, feeding monkeys, admiring Kintamani volcano and Tanah Lot temple, releasing baby sea turtles back to the sea, catching fireflies, riding and feeding ponies… Find out more about our trip in Bali, including videos on the kids feeding monkeys, releasing baby sea turtles and Kecak dance


Embrace Mother Nature in Gaya Island! More than just beautiful sandy beaches and clear sea water, Gaya Island Resort is surrounded by tropical rainforest and mangrove, offering the kids a chance to experience nature. Macaques, wild boars, monitor lizards, schools of fish just off the beach, hermit crabs, sea urchins… Find out more about our trip in Gaya Island